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Greetings!  My name is Charlie Palmer and I am the owner and operator of AZFishGuide.  I am a Licensed Fly-Fishing Guide in the State of Arizona and have been Fishing for over 30 years.  Fly Fishing is my passion and I enjoy teaching others.   That is why I have started my own Fly Fishing Guide Service.  My goal is to educate others in the sport, make Fly Fishing fun, and introduce clients to some of the amazing streams and lakes that Arizona has to offer.  

Most of the major AZ Trout Streams are located in the White Mountains and Rim Country.  With that said, there are several things you will need to consider before heading out on a trip:

·        Weather can change rapidly in the Mountains.  You will need to bring extra clothing and rain gear.  Always check the Weather before heading out on a trip.

·        Predators are a possible threat.  You may want to carry a hand gun or bear spray.  There are Mountain  Lions, Bears, Wolves, and Poisonous Snakes.  Be Alert! 

·        First Aid and Medications:  Many times you will be in remote areas with very little in the way of medical help.   It is always a good idea to carry a first aid kit,  bring 4 aspirin as well, in case of chest pain and/or possible Heart attack.

·        Physical Condition:  Most of the AZ streams require walking/hiking up and down mountains at much higher altitudes than the desert.  This can be a shock to our body and if  not in shape, can lead to serious injury and possibly death.  Consider a conditioning plan before trout season so you will enjoy your outings to the fullest extent.

  Overall, use common sense.  Respect fishing, nature, and others around you.  Pack it in/ Pack it out….