AZ Fish Guide by Charlie Palmer

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Select from your excellent Selection of Dry Flies, Should you not see something that you would like, just e-mail and we will get it for you.  Thanks!

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    ASCENSION BAY GLOVE New 50+ UPF lycra back for maximum sun protection. Ultra lightweight lycra dries very quickly. New pattern design protects fingers better. Polyurethane palm is very thin and durable. EXTENDED CUFF FOR SUN PROTECTION AT WRIST. Share AZFishGuideShareDiggFacebookRedditStumbleUponEmailPrint

  • Glacier Glove Mojave HatKeeps the Sun off your Nose and your Neck

    This is our most popular long billed cap. It offers 50+ UPF and is lightweight, breathable and dries quickly. The dark blue under the brim helps reduce glare. The shade can be worn down during hot periods or tucked into the crown when not needed. You can also zipp off the shade! Adjustable chin strap keeps cap in place during windy conditions. Share AZFishGuideShareDiggFacebookRedditStumbleUponEmailPrint