AZ Fish Guide by Charlie Palmer

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  • Cortland Brook Series Fly RodBrook Series Fly Rods

    The new Cortland Brook Series fly rods are rods designed from the grip up to meet the special demands of smaller waters where accuracy and finesse are more important than sheer power. Where fishing tiny flies and light tippets to wild and wary trout is the name of the game. Light, responsive, a joy to behold, these are rods you will be proud to own and fish. Carefully tuned actions, nickel silver fittings, slim specie cork grips and a special  [ Read More ]

  • Cortland Pro Cast Mid-Arbor Fly Reel 3/4/5

    Cortland Pro Cast Mid-Arbor Fly Reel 3/4/5 The Pro Cast reel was designed with a cast aluminum frame and spool to be extremely light weight. Strong center disc drag during long runs. Polyurethane spool handle for extra grip when hands are cold and wet. Tough, graphite composite drag knob with exterior polyurethane rim for durability and increased grip. Ventilated spool and arbor for decreased weight and extra fast line drying. Fast spool release with a simple push of a button.  [ Read More ]

  • Cortland Sterling ReelsCortland Sterling Reel

    Cortland Sterling – Mid Arbor Reel #1 (3-5) This feature packed beauty starts as a solid billet of 6061T6 aluminum. It’s then machined to exacting tolerances and hard anodized for lifetime durability in fresh- or saltwater. We add a fully enclosed, center mounted Rulon disc drag that will protect 7X tippets or stop a bonefish’s sizzling run. An exposed rim lets you palm the counterbalanced, quick release spool for even more control. The knurled bar stock drag knob is slip proof, even with wet, slimy,  [ Read More ]

  • Diamondback Glass SeriesCortland Diamondback Glass Series Rods

    Diamondback Glass Series Diamondback Glass Rods Diamondback is proud to introduce another exciting new series for 2011. Glass. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that fiberglass fly rods have a cult following. Slow down and flex a smooth loading glass rod, and feel the precision and control that a full-flex rod provides. Based on the popular Diamondglass series, the new Diamondback Glass rods are constructed from Diamondbacks’s proprietary S22 fiberglass blend, and feature a striking midnight-blue gloss blank, dark blue wraps, silver  [ Read More ]

  • ProCast RodsCan not beat this rod for the Money

    Pro-Cast rods are light in the hand and the quick dampening actions allow for great line control. Powerful enough to reach out and throw a long line when needed, but also soft enough in the tip to reduce break offs with fine tippets. 100% graphite blanks with tip-over-butt ferrule systems. Pro-Cast rods are finished with smooth sanded banks, dark grey wraps and hard chrome guides. Reel seats are anodized aluminum with woven carbon fiber inserts. Each rod comes in a  [ Read More ]