AZ Fish Guide by Charlie Palmer

Fly Fishing Information

Greetings!The theme of this Fish and Stay Package is going to be around
Fishing for Hold over Trout on East Verde. We will be going to sections that
will involve a good deal of hiking. This will occur on Saturday so Protein Bars
and Plenty of water is important, because we will not be going back to Cabin
that day for Lunch. We will be stopping for breaks as needed hopefully for some
snap shots of some Holdovers.. We also will be hitting Canyon Creek(Friday) and
Tonto Creek(Sunday) for a change of scenery.The Fish and Stay packages
we held this year and last, have been a good time, plenty of fish, food, and
good conversation. Reservations are first come first serve.What is
included:* Food as listed below
* Drinks Water, Juice, Coffee, and
* Dozen Flies suited for the above Streams this time of year.

Price: 210 a person, Max party of 4.


Friday Sept
20th, 2013 11:00 am Meet @ Burger King on 260 in Payson

Noon thru Dusk
Fish Upper Canyon Creek
Go back to cabin and have dinner around 7:00
Dinner will include: New York Strip steaks, macaroni and cheese, and
salad. A Special Desert

After dinner hang out at campfire.

6 AM breakfast; eggs bacon pancakes coffee and juice.
AM thru 5:00pm fish the East Verde(we will discuss sections we are going to fish
@ Breakfast)
6:00PM dinner back at cabin burgers coleslaw and potato salad.
Apple pie for dessert.
After dinner hang out and relax

AM breakfast French toast, sausage, coffee and juice.
7 AM until 7:30 AM pack
8 AM through 12 PM Fish Tonto Creek
12:30 PM say our

Please feel free to ping me if you have any questions.


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